Health Needs Assessment

The East Hampton Healthcare Foundation and Healthcare Center

Future Directions

Since the completion of the East Hampton Healthcare Center in 2002, significant strides have been made in improving the delivery and quality of healthcare in the Town of East Hampton.

In order to measure such improvements and ascertain future needs of the community, in 2006, the Foundation undertook it's second Health Needs Assessment. Through the work of Arrow Consultants, a great deal of information was gathered and assessed, bringing forth a deeper understanding of how the Foundation should grow.

The responses to the survey have been gathered and a brief summary of the findings was presented at the Foundation’s annual health symposium and dinner in October.

The good news is that most of you think we’re doing a pretty good job. You report that you use the Healthcare Center regularly for many of your healthcare needs; your general access to healthcare providers has improved; more of you now have health insurance; more of you get flu shots; and more of you undergo regular health screenings. You have told us that areas needing improvement include access to additional medical specialists and more local urgent care for non-emergency health situations.

By using a data-informed decision-making process, our response to the health needs of the community will be appropriate and welcomed by the citizens of East Hampton.

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