Letter From The Chairman

The East Hampton Healthcare Foundation and Healthcare Center
Chairman Henry L. Murray

Our Philosophy of Healthcare

One standard of care, the basic principle of the East Hampton Healthcare Foundation, is at the core of all services provided to residents, whether insured, uninsured or underinsured, and regardless of age, gender, race, national origin or financial status. With this philosophy in mind, the first priority is to facilitate the delivery of improved healthcare to all residents by offering a range of physician services, including pediatrics, general internal and specialized adult medicine, paying particular attention to prevention of illness as well as to diagnosis and treatment of disease. The overall goal of the Foundation is to act as a catalyst for the development of a model healthcare environment for East Hampton, benefiting all residents of the Town.

The East Hampton Healthcare Foundation is charting a course that will proceed from its own initiative but always in accordance with the guidance and feedback from the community and its leaders in health issues; future needs may require changing goals. Those who support the Foundation with their generous contributions are people who recognize that much help is required to sustain this Healthcare Center for the benefit of the entire community.

Among the key donors are those who perceive that the reason for building an endowment is to guarantee sustained excellent healthcare and to benefit from medicine’s advances in the future. In addition, they help provide a safety net for those residents who by virtue of their income or status may not be entitled to government provided healthcare, but yet cannot afford health insurance on their own.

The challenge of the future is to first prevent illness whenever possible, curtail its development by whatever means are feasible, treat the individual with optimal care, and to make these measure available to everyone.

Henry L. Murray
Chairman, Board of Trustees

200 Pantigo Place, Suite M, East Hampton NY 11937, Phone: 631-324-8943 Fax: 631-907-0105