The East Hampton Healthcare Foundation

The East Hampton Healthcare Foundation and Healthcare Center

The East Hampton Healthcare Foundation

In 1997, a quality of life survey identified the poor quality and lack of available medical care in East Hampton as one of the most serious issues facing the community.

In order to address the need for improved healthcare, the East Hampton Healthcare Foundation was founded under the leadership of John R. Kennedy, Chairman, and Jerome J. DeCosse, Jr., MD, Ph.D., President.

In 2002, the leadership baton was passed to Henry L. Murray, Chairman and Gerard M. Turino, M.D., President. The Board of Trustees made up of local residents governs the EHHF. The Foundation receives no government funding, and is funded entirely through contributions from the community.

It became the mission of the Foundation to improve healthcare in the Town of East Hampton through the emphasis of disease prevention and equal access to medical care for the entire community.

The first phase, to conceptualize and build the 18,000 square foot state-of-the-art East Hampton Healthcare Center at 200 Pantigo Place was completed in February 2002.

The second phase, development of programs, began concurrently with the establishment of the Center. Administration of the Center, the programs and the Foundation is under the direction of Sheila Rogers, who has worked with the Trustees since the inception of the Foundation.

The third phase, undertaken in 2007, was to assess the need and then construct East Hampton Urgent Care now managed and operated by Meeting House Lane Medical Associates, a division of Southampton Hospital. Click here for more information on East Hampton Urgent Care.

200 Pantigo Place, Suite M, East Hampton NY 11937, Phone: 631-324-8943 Fax: 631-907-0105